Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Introduction to the Problem
Technology advancement has nowadays changed the lifestyles of many people in the society. The most people who have been impacted by technology are the teens. The teen of the contemporary generation spends most of their time on computers, phones and other technology devices.  Almost every house in the current society has technology, and this becomes easy for the youths to have easy access to technology. The teenagers have become dependent on technology, and it has become inseparable in the daily lives of many people. Everywhere people carry devices or gadgets such as phones, laptops and other technology devices for communication or other purposes. People use technology for varied activities, but the most common purpose for teens is for communication r interacting with their friends. The research indicates that technology has increased, and many teenagers have become heavily dependent upon them. Although too dependent on technology have contributed to social disorders due to addiction, it has significantly contributed to laziness; thus many teenagers have become stupid.

Why Too Dependent on Technology Is a Problem

Too much dependent on technology has contributed to increased laziness among the tanagers, and many of them have become more stupid than smarter. Technology makes work easier, but many teenagers have become lazy because of the overreliance on technology. Many of them cannot perform assignment or carryout research without using Google to find information. Therefore, many teenagers do not have time to read and explore books into details because they believe that, with the Internet, everything is possible. Carr argues that the Internet and other technologies have changed the way people perform tasks; thus he asserts “am not thinking the way I used to think” (Carr 340). Many teenagers spend most of their time on technology; thus it has changed the way many of them write or speak. This has contributed to another consequence of poor performances in schools.
Technology has led to significant changes in the learning environment because of the new writing and learning styles. Many teenagers spend their time on social networking sites in order to communicate with their friends. This has led to new development of writing and communicating styles. This is because of hyper texting that enables many of them to shorten words in order to write many text messages. This has led to a new way of pronouncing letters; thus contributing to poor performance in schools. The research study indicates that those students who spend most of their time in social networking sites or the Internet have poor performance records than those who do not spend their time on technology (Ghorbani and Rosemarie 364). This is because they do not have time to read, and some of them have developed a style of reading because of “power browsing” across the contents and abstracts for quick wins (Carr 342).
The increased technology has solved communication problems, but it has affected personal interaction. This is because many teenagers rely on the Internet and social networking sites to communicate with their friends, but they cannot express themselves in front of others. Irvin (37) argues that technology has made communication cheaper, but it has replaced face to face communication, and this has profoundly impacted self esteem of many teenagers. This is because they can chat with friends across the globe, but they fail to express their views in front of others.  Technology has impacted communication skills, and it has contributed to the problem of understanding personal interactions. The reliance on technology for communication has significantly contributed to detrimental in formation of health relationships. It has also led to dangerous likelihood of cyber bullying and other associated consequences.
Technology has also impacted the health of teenagers because of addiction. Many teenagers have developed health complication issues such as obesity, social disorders such as increased stress and other related issues. Stuart (2012 pr. 1) argues that technology has contributed to teen obesity, which can lead to a serious health complications in the future health of the teens. Some of them have suffered from stress due to social networking site issues such as bullying or long distance relationships; thus their healthy are at risk. Many crime issues are committed through social networking sites; thus many teenagers have become the victim of crime issues. For instance, many criminals use technology to trick teenagers who may end up revealing to them the personal bank details of their parents. This is common in the contemporary society because criminal tease teenagers because they know that they can offer full details or information about the bank details of their parents.
Increased violence among teens and unethical behaviors have increased because of technology advancement. Many teenagers watch violence movies and play games that contribute to violence in society. For instance, some vicious movies contribute to crime among the teenagers because some of them try to act exactly on the way they saw in the computers or televisions. This has led to cases of crimes and increased number of juvenile in jails. Technology also contributes to unethical behaviors such as bad sexual behaviors and increased use of drugs. For instance, many teenagers engage in unprotected sexual behaviors while other use drugs such as marijuana and cocaine with an aim of getting energy to hyper text or interact with their friends for long hours. This has led to deterioration of health of many teenagers in the contemporary society.

Solution to the Problem
Parents and teachers should take action to the information gap and offer guidance or counseling to the teenagers in order to help them cope up in the technology age. Parents and teachers should work together in order to help youths to cope up in the technology age. They should restrict teenagers from spending too much time on social networking sites and other technology devices. They can also educate them on the impact associated with too much dependent on technology. Parents and teachers should motivate teenagers to work hard and offer guidance to those who spend on technology. For instance, teachers can offer students assignments to help them improve their writing skills and encourage them to use books and write instead of typing. This will motivate teenagers to improve their writing kills and learning skills. Parents should also help their children to understand the effect that technology contributes to their health.

The Way of Implementing the Solution

One of the significant ways of implementing the solution is through organizing debates or using mass media to communicate about the problem. This is essential because it will raise awareness and educate teens on the way technology can impact their communication (Cellular News 2007, pr.2). Debate about the problem can benefit many students; thus teachers can encourage students in school to participate in debate issues. This will enable them to learn about the way technology can benefit them in case they utilize it effectively. Debate issue or organizing for television or radio talks program can enable many teens to understand the need of avoiding high dependent on technology. However, parents and teachers can work together to raise education awareness on the impact technology contributes to teenagers in case they heavily rely on it.


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